LIKYX 2 years ago 0

Currently the game is mostly automated, there's not much control given to the player over their minions. 

E.g. Builder starts wasting wood when you're standing next to an framework you don't intend to build, aggroing a barbarian who you don't intend to fight. there's plenty more however its not exactly an issue since most of the AI functions benefit the player.

But like how you set a command for your minions to collect a mushroom, there should be a level of control. Even if the actions are beneficial, it might not be what the player wants to do.


Clicking on an enemy will add a marker to it's head, instructing the minions to kill that target. Not only would this add more depth/control to brawling other players, but it would also make fighting/not fighting barbarians easier, for as long as you're not intending to attack it it you will not accidentally draw aggro.

This kind of 'click to instruct' should be present in most of the game. Click to construct from framework to building, click to cut down the tree, click to harvest the corn, click to loot boxes. I think looting everything else should stay as an AI function, alongside killing rabbits (though this might change if more animals are added into the game). And of course the player can add more than one marker, and the minions would do as instructed in the order of the placement of markers.