Improvements for game

Bael 2 years ago updated by Storm Crow 2 years ago 1

This game is quite fun, but there are several problems that need fixing.

1) The autorepair/autobuild/autogarrison should have a toggle button. The fact that they are always on is almost game-breaking when running around a damaged castle (first two). You will have no wood very quickly.

2) There should be an option to plant multiple plants/trees at a time. The fact that there isn't makes using this playstyle of planting/growing much too boring and not worthwhile.

3) Garrisoned archers should have consistent range. It seems to vary.

4) The deployed units (flag icon ingame) should stay in the towers if that's where they were originally deployed. There seems to be a bug relating to this where they show as out of the tower, but they still shoot as if they were inside.


#1 would be very nice to have. #2 is a little unclear, though...you can plant multiple trees and corn plants on meadows, and it doesn't take that long to plant stuff one at a time.