balance the game!!!!!

merlin2v 2 years ago updated by Dragolich 2 years ago 1

Balance the game so that new players don't have to be chased constantly for no reason.

Why it might help?

Because it will stop people from rage quiting the game after TRYING to play the game for hours with weakened armys.

Easiest fix is to make health auto regenerate.With out it an annoying player will continue to follow you (using the map as well to track you) and you will be continuously running while unable to do anything but run or die. the game seams like it would be interesting if it weren't for the annoying people who continuously try to kill a person in the game. I sincerely hope you fix this.

unfortunately this is something almost all io games have in common. bu thats just how they work. this would not balance the game. but instead it would unbalance it. there needs to be some danger in the game. i do understand when one player just keeps chasing you for ages and ages. but perhaps try a new server if you are still lower down. otherwise you need to think strategy. start with just a few men. but give them good equipment. then build up men only once you are maxed. then you can run away faster.