totem trolling

jrhartkopf 2 years ago updated by Dragolich 2 years ago 2

I am not sure how, but people are able to get a moveable totem without troops. They can drag it around the map and it forces "agro" which stops your units from being able to pick things up or act. When one side gets ahead, they just have this immortal totem go after and cripple anyone who is catching up. It is unplayable since as long as those players are abusing game mechanics, you aren't allowed to play or have fun. Absolutely broken and uncounterable. 

Yup, just happened to me. Very lame.

that is an ability you can unlock. but i under stand how it could become frustrating. perhaps try finding t/he totems tribe and killing it off?. however this issue still needs addressing. the agro should be removed.