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Grant Mitchell 2 years ago updated by merc23 2 years ago 2

On this forum, using all of the top contributers and new faces at the time of 2/25/2018, on average, 1 post will raise your rating by about 0.44.

Note, I left out 2 of the new faces because I am mean (because I wanted it to have 3 rows and 6 columes...don't ask) 

Now, this isn't perfect sense I left some people out and I used there rating to ideas posted, but there rating could raise due to upvotes on comments...but there's no way to tell what rating is from comments and what is from posts so this is the closest I could do. 

Oh yeah, this is under bugs. It's a bug. I think...

Well I'm getting about +0.604 rating per post so yay I'm above average... 

Interesting. The rating system was always rather odd because it's not just based on upvotes, but also posting and possibly also how active you are.