Clear overview of the health of all your tribemembers

Demozo 2 years ago updated by merc23 2 years ago 3

Like in MMO's where you have the health/mana of your party members. A similar feature for your minions/tribemembers would be appreciated. In the heat of battle (especially with team members) it's hard to oversee how much health your minions have left.

Wouldn't that just add clutter to your on screen HUD?

Not if its positioned properly, it doesnt have to be big. Just want to be able to see the health of my minions in static location. Like I said, when there's someone else on my team fighting the same enemy its difficult to see the health of all my minions with how fast they move.


Well it certainly is an idea that can improve gameplay, so I'll be happy if the devs implement it, but you can already kind of tell how well your tribe is doing (even in the heat of the battle) by seeing how much resources it costs to add a new tribesmember. If you see that cost drop, for example from 6 res to 5 res to 4 res etc, then your tribe is obviously not doing too well and you can decide to run away and heal or keep adding new members to continue the fight (risky).

However, even with the overview of health as OP is suggesting it won't be clear which tribemembers have how much health (there won't be any number coding etc) in the dense cluster f of a large battle. So rather, I would find it useful if the health of your tribe is always on TOP of any other tribe's or barbarian's health bars nearby.