How much Health do Rabits have?

Grant Mitchell 2 years ago updated by Xman0613 9 months ago 6

Because sometimes I can kill a rabit in one hit (with shock arrows), and sometimes it takes 2 3, or even one time it 4. And when I say 4 shoots, I mean 4 shoots that hit the rabbit, but it still didn't die. Do rabbits have random hp or do arrows do random damage on top of the hit/miss rate. 

Maybe they are just too hopped up on the grass? :D

Only rez knows for sure probably.

Wait...maybe your kind of right...perhaps they heal when they eat grass?

Rabbits have 2 health. Shock arrows one-shot them because they do 2 damage to creatures without shields, and rabbits don't have shields(what a surprise).

When you're talking about 4 shots to kill a rabbit, it's probably just your archers narrowly missing the rabbit. The hitboxes are a little iffy, so near misses often look a lot like direct hits.

You are wrong storm crow, there is a specific sound when an arrow hurts the rabbit. Also look closer : Arrow shock deals 2 damages to minions without shield, not rabbits :)

I would also say that some rabbits are wandering wounded, which explain a one hit dead.

Also there are different colors of rabbits from white through blue ?

Strom Crow is not wrong. I work at the wiki, and egzekutor gave us stats about certain game elements, including rabbits. These stats were copied directly from the code. What was shared with us stated that rabbits have two health points.

And shock arrow does deal two damage to rabbits. I don't care what the tooltip says, go play the game and get shock arrow. You will see your minions killing every rabbit with one shot.

The wandering wounded theory of yours is definitely a good point, and would lead to rabbits getting one-shotted. And yes, rabbits have different colors

you are saying that you yourself aren’t wrong and your acting like a 5 year old (I would know as I’ve had this kind of situation happen to me before)