Buildables? A New Goal To The Game?

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So, most of you don't know me but please, just take the time to read my post and don't just close the tab because you may think i'm new (trust me, im not) just bear with me on this one. 

So, with that out of the way lets start with the post :D

Currently, in the game there is only one goal, to destroy everyone else and gain as many points as you can. What if there was another objective? 

My idea is sort of a lordz.io type of idea, where you make a massive army and slam them into bases. It's quite fun in my opinion, but I understand the amount of work it might take to do this. That's why I came up with some ideas. 

The fort already in wilds.io with its mini watchtowers could be a perfect addition to this game, besides Rez, you already used wilds.io sprites for the characters, why not do that for some buildings? 

There should be some of those "Campgrounds" as I like to call them, all over the map, but mainly where the large patches of grass and resources are located. The idea of it is by using gold to repair it, and you could capture it like you do in wilds.io (Minus the jumping glitch).

You would break down the door with a hammer and you could capture an objective inside (Maybe for originality you could make a large totem pole to capture?) So, once inside there would be a shop like the ones you can trade for wood and food, you could pay that shop-keeper to repair gates, towers and maybe something else in the future. 

Also, there could be a storage chest like the one in wilds.io where you put items inside for other players to use. 

Anyways, that's my idea. Thanks for taking some time out of your life to read it  :D

P.S This could be a perfect lead-in to a new guild update later on ;)

(Sorry there are no pictures, I had to do stuff right after)

Hmm, now that I look back at this post, I think taking out Buildables? would be more apporpriate :/