New pvp competitive mode with castles.

Hoooh 2 years ago updated by Grant Mitchell 2 years ago 3

Who builds the largest castle in less time wins or something similar...who destroy a castle in the middle of the barbarians wins.

A mode agains where there 2or more  teams composed of 4 or more players each and an enemy castle of the barbarians in the center something like that xD

sorry for my english.

So...pretty much the castle mode that is already in the game?

do you remember the pvp mode 10 ? eclipse... that wasn't the usual match where you join in tribe mode.

it's for more ways and more funny and people.

I don't really think eclipse was that good. It doesn't really fit the game...it's built for long term strategy, but in eclipse, the games are too short for you to really do anything that interesting, it really is jut luck (the hit/miss rate of your archers, how many trees and rabits you find).