mushrooms hate me

kanguror 5 years ago updated by DUDU 5 years ago 2

im glad to see that now most of the unpickable resources are gone but it seems like it didnt work with mushrooms

now i cant pick them at all ;/

i want to mix this topic with an idea to make the differences between mushrooms smaller so its harder to tell if its edible or not like changing the mushroom ,,leg" colour a little bit (i dont know how do you call this part in english :P). Now you can just walk around the map and find only a few of edible ones.

60% of mushrooms are edible, but those are likely to be picked by players, so more and more spawns will result in more poisonous from 40% over time, add bugged ones that block slots on "islands" and here you go with only poisonous/bugged mushrooms till someone decides to poison their tribe or unlocks mycology.

Pick only pointy brown, bright orange with yellow ring, green, and blue. You will be safe