Mounted Units

142839 6 years ago updated by Grant Mitchell 6 years ago 1

-A new animal like a horse or deer (*wink,wink*) that can be tamed and mounted using a new tech/skill.

-But when researched it prevents you from killing anymore animals of that type.

-1 saddle costs 10-15 wood.

-But to be able put the saddle you must get the animal to trust you.

- To get it to trust it should be given something, maybe some sort of food? ( This should be quite difficult to get).

- When mounted by a warrior with a melee weapon the mounted unit has a chance to knock down whoever he's/she's charging.

-I now this seems overpowered, but as a constraint the horses can only be tamed and healed with the special thing

If anyone has any ideas to add, or give a idea of what the "thing" should be, please share below.

Thank You and have a great day.

P.S. To be tamed the animal requires 32-4 of the special things, depending on how hard it is to get it.

I kind of feel like there is more important things he should be working on right now, such as making combat more skill based and fixing the no rain bug...