Being chased by super aggressive barbarians

sharkcicle 5 years ago updated by DUDU 5 years ago 3

At some point after playing for a while, I start being chased by groups of 4 or 5 barbarians. There is nothing I can do except fight them. This starts getting quite annoying especially if I have low health; I can't even get far enough away to heal myself before they're on top of me.

I understand this might be part of a balancing mechanic where the most powerful tribes have to deal with these barbarians. So if we can't get rid of the chasing barbs, maybe you could:

  1. Slow down the chasing barbarians, making it easier for one to heal their tribe or put an enemy tribe between yourself and the barbs
  2. Limit the time or distance over which they will chase you
  3. Increase the barbarian respawn time so that at least the barbarian threat can be reduced after several large battles.

The best way I get around this is to have only 3 members in my team at max (2 archers with shock arrows and 1 axeman) so you can run away easier, or at least run to teammates and make the barbarians have to fight you and teammates. The more you have in your tribe, the slower you are, so I don't go more than 3 until I get the resources to build the best gear.

or get missionary XD

That's the fun of the game. If you want to get rid of it, just run them over other group, hoping they will fight the barbarians.