Villages and Towns

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For Starters:

A house could cost somewhere around 15-25 wood.

Each house can support 2-3 people.

The people assigned to the Village are separate from you're own army.

You can then assign the Villagers 2 jobs: Guarding the town, or gathering resources.

You can prioritize certain resources such as wood, food, or gold.

When the gatherers reach a certain resource limit (10) they return to the Village and deposit. everything into the store house which should cost 10-20 wood and have a 20-40 resource limit.

A kitchen (20-35 wood) can automatically heal people stationed at the village or returning gatherers as long as the storehouse has food ( otherwise you have to heal them manually with a campfire).

You can order the return of gatherers back to the Village.

You can transfer the resources from the storehouses into you're inventory.

The limit for buildings could be 1 kitchen, 2 store houses, and 4 houses.

Now I'm not asking for this to be added into the game, but I'm asking you to consider it.

Thank You and have a great day.

P.S. The people at the villagers can be bought and equipped normally.

This would be cool but it would be extremely hard to destroy one of these villages.  It would also be very hard to build one and it would take away from the idea of the game.

This is a pretty good idea. If rez is adding buildables, something like this should definitely be considered. It would be like a better version of the "stay" skill, which is kind of useless right now unless you want to harrass players with your totem.