Units left at nearest field needs improving

§HEEP 3 years ago updated by cardalomim 2 years ago 4

When I leave my units at nearest field, often times they will wonder far away from that field, like they are chasing something; Sometimes other players, and sometimes just random places. 

Otherwise great Game.

you cant leave more than 5 or they will run away and fight


But why would they do that? When I spend an hour building a castle and putting archers on the towers so I don't lose walls every time an opponent with a hammer looks at my castle, I don't want my sentries to desert and waste my resources and time by getting themselves killed out in the open. If I can't make a castle keep getting stronger the more work I put into its construction then that's defeating the point of castle mode.

He's got a point. This mechanic is to prevent domination of clearings in the normal mode, which makes sense, but in castle mode you need more than 5 archers on the walls.

Yes! I vas trying to do the same and is very annoying