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I don't want to get Twitter I got to cancel enough on YouTube

if anyone has a way of contacting renzon or the creator of this game then I guess this might still just be more of a community thing

okay the man plot will be about an emperor named the red emery and then just his friends Bob and Gabriel on the red team and then they trying destroy a small base but then they realized that the brown team is gay and then they just kill everyone very pixelated

2D and maybe one animation made in flipaclip do I just wanted to be pixelated so match the style

Yes actually it's exactly how it's spelled on YouTube

ps an extremely fan of countryballs to and basically every other community

never mind I'm going to make this cartoon myselfI it's good but I still want to ren to know this

yes I just really want to make a like some lore some story of all the war something to go with this thing but also make a custom character based off of some Turkish guy that I met while playing the game