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huh. makes sense i heard Ukraine had made a call out to all hackers to help them fight back against russia. Russia been wanting Ukraine for a long time but wasnt till recently that they threatened to launch nukes if anyone interfered. Dick move on putins part. make enemies of everyone. if he were to make good on any threats all of russia will glow for a millennium. not smart making threats against everyone else for not liking a big bully. i didnt realise this game server was in that area though but would make sense considering the call to arms for hackers against russia.

pretty sure dude said he's got a job too. Making this a labor of love really. and an old one at that. The only fix i think that would really be realistically considered, is fixing the lag issue.

i thought so too. i wonder if it has anything to do with scripters overloading it.but it really had a lot of potential to be a fun game, once you get past the top scorers marauding around when you first log in and killing you in 20 seconds 20 times in a had some potential.but yea the lag seems to have gotten noticeably worse every time i logged in, like somethings bogging the server right down. Even the initial loading of a game map takes forever now.

and it seems like it's getting worse every time i play it. the lag and the lack of control. noticeably worse every time. why? And it's not my imagination the "pathing moves" leave a white line. there used to be a short one it's 3 times longer now when idle and the screen movement is much longer now. And i cant even drop minions or maneuver due to the lag being about 1 minute behind at this point. The game is getting more broken daily, it was fun at first why's it getting bad fast?

It's kind of hard to get a screen shot of the a screen moving back and forth because of the bad pathing but i've noticed this too. makes it hard to plant crops, and hard to put items on minions. And also laggy as heck all because the minions wont stand still and the pathing insists on being 40 tics behind the gameplay.