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did you guys have to bump this old-ass thread?

-1 just because you bumped your own post twice.

An interesting mechanic but it won't change much as you can just relight the campfire. And if this is added then people will just put their fires in the grey zone instead of the grass.

yeah they should also add rocket launchers, tanks, helicopters, jets, aircraft carriers, and nukes.


You keep all your research when you respawn. 

Good job reporting this bug. +1.

Don't know why someone downvoted this. Good job reporting these bugs. Probably Rezoner hasn't addressed them yet because very few people actually choose Missionary.

Good job reporting this bug. +1.

Kanguror, you've bumped this way too many times. I agree with you but if it is worth Rezoner reading it than it will stay at the top by itself. Also you aren't even polite about the bumps. Your tone is whiny and you type in all caps which makes it so no one wants to read your bullshit. In addition, your whole post is hypocritical.

It's just general forum etiquette. Don't be that asshole who bumps their own post FIVE motherfucking times.