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Actually i like this idea. missionary bug should be fixed, and then mercenary can be a barbarian recruiter

It's good that you reported this. But I feel like it's more of an exploit than an outright bug. People abuse missionary to ally with barbarians and have a huge army.

Edit: How in the hell did you get eight upvotes? You must have some inert skill that I do not know of... looks into the distance

Somehow, if at all, there should be some sort of system where people keep track of suggestions already made in a catalog, consisting of types (bugs, ideas, questions) and then subtypes (there'll be a lot of subtypes!), and since there are many subtypes, someone who can utilize a search prompt can then find the suggestion. Or also, a way for people to search for suggestion while making a title for one at the same time. For example, trying to make my title of my post "Add magician and healer" might bring up a post about a similar topic found in the description or title page of another post, which reduces duplication hopefully. Third option is to make large posts where people post stuff that belongs into the category given on the title page. For example, a title page that says "Post ideas about new weapons here" will allow comments to go into such a thread, reducing the amount of stuff you have to scroll through hopefully.

Yeah, unlike in, where any person trying to raid a base can easily do it.

Lol but where IS the yellow sign?

With all these buildings, wouldn't you have to suppose, for just a brief moment, that they would make the very name of the game exactly what it is not? (By the way I really do Like your buildings idea but I just want you to consider this) While settling down on a meadow is appealing for one's tribe to gain benefits, there also, at the same time, needs to be a nomadic element of it too. You haven't done anything wrong here, but I am just saying this just because this game is called "" for a reason lol. With this move/stay balance in mind, buildings will certainly work out in this game. Overall, your Idea is great!

It's a good read! To add to your post, I made a post myself about hoping to make the game have more skill, if needed: This game for sure is, and will be, better than, (another grind-n-fight arcade style game that, as you can see, I don't like :P) so having one block neatly placed on top of another will make the tower and the outreach to players amazing!

There already are teams within, you just have to look harder. As for capture the flag, I don't know how that'll work out... yet.

Your using microsoft edge? cuz that wont work

thanks! I hear there is a new firefox out... and I also hear that it is faster (mainly from ads from firefox of course)