Ai tribes break the game

Tatarka 3 months ago updated by MicKai 3 months ago 1

So there's always some flood of ai tribes all named Tribe2398258 (Bunch of random numbers) and they have no minions, no way to fight, and no way to die. If they spot you, they follow you around and constantly alert your minions so they can't gather resources, can't heal at the fire, or do anything. I've ran across the entire map and they don't leave you alone. It's just a bunch of totems following you around no matter what. Even if you manage to run to the other side of the map they simple latch on to you and follow you all the way across and don't leave. I can't do anything in the game because of this, the only way to fix it is if I refresh the page and lose all my progress.

Honestly been having this same problem for a few weeks now. Can't get rid of the Tribe(random #s) guys even if I refresh! happens in both Castle mode and Tribes mode. My friends and I really enjoy this game but its been so difficult to play that it just sucks out all the fun.