makise kurisu 11 months ago updated by Mexico 4 months ago 1

I have been playing Wanderers.io for several weeks and I think it's very fun and entertain , but it begins to be boring and I think my ideas may make the game better and attract more players.

1. It should have more game mode and news maps outside of the only maps. There should be 4 gates south west north east that lead players to outside of the only maps( I will call it the beginners village) and the outside has monsters, new resources and materials .The 4 gates should have gatekeepers to make sure players have enough strength to live outside the village

2. You should let players level up more like 2 or 3 level, so there will be easier to fight with the NPC with only one another players or maybe 2 beginners players. There should be also boss that strong and needs players to team up with players in the same team and battle with it. The team ( your team and other team) that defeated the boss can increase the level limit like 1 or 2 and have a treasure, which inside has a lot of meats , woods and golds.

3.Walls should have more health so it wouldn't get smash too easily. Each team and bots should have the walls' flags or whatever to distinguish which team built which walls so the player can know what castle owner team was.

4. Lands should be bigger and more clouds and in games, sometimes clouds doesn't go to my land. It also need a river (or can be built) so it will help the player to refill the well. Also make a forest , or a village full of NPC will be cool too

5. You should separate the beginner village ( which only have players just start ) and a village that have players who can fight with the NPC alone. At the advance village, there are more trees , gold , and even a stronger NPC. There need to have new materials to build weapons, so pls make a crafting table at the advance village.

6. There are mines so people can collect materials and killing animals, may be monster in the mines( like spider, mouse... ). There will be 3 mines, two mines is for each team( in those mine there are only there teammates ) and a mixed mine ( both team can explore in this mine ) ,which is has rarer items, materials, etc than the other mines. Players can go into another team mines too, but it will be a risk.

7. It should has the team up button to ask another players to team up with them in fighting NPC, explore the mine, or just build walls and kill other players. Players who have teammate will share the resources with each other and have a symbol in their name so they know that they already team up. Also when a player team up with another player that already has a teammate , all of them will share the same symbol and resources. It must has a limited in the maximum of a team. Players only can team up with 4 or 5 other players, so it won't get too IMBA.

8. A new game mods can be protecting the walls from big monster. Once they finish building the first walls, they will build another and another to expand their resources, so they could fight the big boss village to win the game

This is just my ideas , it doesn't insult or telling the game is bad ( the truth is the game is very fun and attract me at the first place) so pls make the game better with these ideas

What you want is to create a new world with wanderers.io graphics