New Classes

Legion 4 years ago updated by xJoseph Coolx 4 years ago 11

Now game do not offer many variants of armies, they all look the same and battles aren't as exciting as they supposed to be. To fix that I think there should be more classes that interact with our units.
Here some ideas:

  1. Alchemist
    Mashrooms and waterfall are pretty useless now, to change this comes alchemist. He will collect mushrooms and water from the waterfall, and make health potions or poison, its depend on what kind of mushroom we use (I think he should store max 3 mixtures), that he will throw at our units (health potions) or enemies (poison) with certain accuracy. Successful throw will heal or deal randomly 1,2 or even 3 hp points..
    He will force a player to go and fight for waterfall and collect mushrooms. Also, that unit requires resources in use and have worse accuracy than an archer, so its hight-damage is balanced..
  2. Slinger
    I think there's no player who does not wonder why from stone we do not gain a stone. Maybe that because there's no class who use this material? So here it is, slinger who will shot with collected stones. Its another unit that requires resources in use, so he will deal more damage, and have slower shot rate.
    He as well as alchemist, give some meaning to running and collecting materials, even when our party is full.
  3. Defender
    Swordsman may be a little tanky, but we know that's not what we want from true tank. Defender is supposed to guard our units instead dealing damage.

Arsonist: Torches trees, grass and enemies.

I considered this, but that may lead to unneeded chaos and lack of resources on map. There may show up players who just go around burning everything.

that instead may lead to overgrow if everyone will be nice and don't burn everything, there will be too much resurces and players will have everything and don't see need to wonder and fight around map.

I can see that happening. The arsonist would be too over powered and the game would lose it's balance.

there wont be any overgrow becouse there is the arsonist

A dedicated healing class is definitely in order, as well as a ranged AOE class. However, I don't think the storage system for the units  you suggested would mesh well with the rest of the game.

Why do you think so ?

Now the player who has the maximum amount of troops, can only put his totem near the enemy and watch them fight. There is nearly no meaning in collecting resources in that state. Adding storage system will add new variables which you must think about before attack, and give a player opportunity to run around the map looking for specific resources (not like now when everyone collects whatever stand on their way). It also prevents the player from attacking, running away, spawning new troops and repeating that cycle again and again. It's force you to think about your "ammo" before each fight and during one.

I don't think healing class I some extra unique idea, mainly I want to show an idea of a class which use resources in the process, not standard priest-like class which just spawn health points from who know where.