There are all of a sudden there are a lot of blue players... too many to be balanced

mrtinguy 4 months ago updated by That Red Flag yesterday at 5:46 a.m. 6

Pretty sure someone managed to hack and make a lot of blue guys

And I'm pretty sure they didn't hack the game,they just opened up the game in multiple tabs,put in the same exact text in the"play with friends area",and badda-bing,badda-boom:Suddenly a lot of blue players.Its not that uncommon actually.I've seen a green guy by the name of"MommyMilk"do that aswell.I really wish there was a report system so we could report all these idiots...Just ruining the fun for everybody man...Like honestly:Where's the fun in that?

Today some smart guy attacked me with a massive number of units with the same nickname. Can't block login cloning from the same computer?

Farmbots. They could block more than one login per IP, that should be the best.

IP ban would be good, but I play with friends on the same network. Maybe a max of three or four?

Also fun fact: Those tribes are not hackers, nor are they controlled by a player. They use an exploit based on a valid feature of the game.

When you refresh the page or close window, you obviously lose your tribe. However, it's not dead. Instead, a basic AI takes over, which will normally try and attack the closest enemy tribe. What these people do is crete a tribe and refresh the page, again and again. If they have a few computers, they can easily pump out hundreds of tribes in a short space of time.