ik this might not be an idea but i have to say this game is 9/10, the thing is that every 30min-1hour the game frezees

Jaan Lopez 1 year ago updated by Matej 10 months ago 1

asking you to pleas fix this bug if you call it that

That's a problem with ur internet/device then,not the game or its servers.I've been playing the game for 4 hours straight,and it didn't do that for me,so,yeah.That's a you problem,not the game's problem.I can easily play it all day long without it kicking me out.If I have to do sthg,I can just leave it running on my laptop,come back a few hours later,and badda-bing,badda-boom,continue where I left off(if nobody kills me that is.That's why I always make a castle somewhere in the corner with lots of minions protecting it(I use the enclosed tribe spam strategy that I myself wrote on the wanderers.io wiki page under the"guides"section lol.Try it out.Its pretty op.Or I guess check out my videos on this game for more details on how to do it lol.Good luck man;) )

Oh and here's the links lol:https://wanderersio.fandom.com/wiki/Guides#articleComments