Discord is down, none of the messages are loading. Also, all games end with a frozen/hang

Supern0va 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 3

, how to fix this? i'm on multiple browsers. I'm on vivaldi, avast browser, opera. 

hi, we've got the same problem here. It hangs all the time, and then at some point just freezes

Anyone any ideas how to fix this? wanderers.io can't leave my life lmao

My guess is that the developer's server is down – because the other game from the developer (wilds.io I think) also doesn't work

Hi medusa, just saw your message today. It doesn't really happen anymore, maybe they've fixed it. In any case, I find mozilla browser has the least time it hanged. i'm still currently using vivaldi browser though. 

any word about the discord community? sad that it isn't loading.