day and night cycle

kanguror 3 years ago updated by merc23 3 years ago 7

it would bring more magic and atmosphere to the game

if there will be monsters they would probably come out at the night time

its not very important thing to do but i think it would be great


It would be great if some monsters appear at night and disturbe both teams a bit.

You could not prepare because they are reborn randomly and should not be visible on the map.
Of course, they should be weak, but to make them a more time consuming they should have more health and skills to attract or apply "fear" on our units.

That also open the possibility of necromancer-like bosses.

Agreed. Monsters can include werewolves. Fire will keep them back.

Something to make the game more challenging/survival based would be nice. If you want to bump up the difficulty a bit, make it so that tribes get hurt by darkness. Maybe make campfires/torches less expensive (wood).

What about monsters being weaker but travelling in hoards? You could take them out with a bow but try not to let them get close?

Maybe in night it's really hard to see (no miny map, and you can only see in a small area around your units and near fires)

Oooh I like this! If it's hard to see, like the shaded region of eclipse, except around fires. Maybe the center meadow has fireflies so you still see it, and barbarian camps have torches so you can still see them. No minimap!