Game Improvements and suggestions

jpm1n1 4 years ago updated by MadPanCake (PanNiedzwiadek) 4 years ago 1

More mouse support - the shrooms are very difficult to click on a 1080p screen as it is and the totemoften gets picked up if beside one.

Option for a high resolution version of the game

Choice of starter tribes

  • current setup
  • 3 weak gatherer
  • 1 strong warrior

Not go more than 2 tribes space past edge of map (especially around the corners of the circle)

Ability to build a base

  • storage cave
  • research generator
  • people generator
  • gradual expansion of grass tiles

Other terrains:

  • Desert with bandits
  • forest with more shrooms / tree / rabbits
  • water with agressive animals / birds and a grass
  • hidden / camo regions

different modes:

  • solo vs players
  • solo vs ai
  • solo vs ai and players
  • tag team
  • clan rivals (control a few tribes per player)