Make the map bigger & other suggestions

milka 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 1

I think you should make the map bigger so that there are more places to go to and more trading centers like the little house that gives one wood for one coin. Maybe add a trading center that gives one food for one wood or one coin for one food. Having a bigger map would give players more space to live in without having to fight each other. You should add more variations of materials like stone and iron and make it so that you have to give food and water to your minions to keep them alive. You could add more types of plant that you could plant like wheat (grows faster but gives only 1 and a half meat) and such to make it more interesting. You could add types of walls like wood (needs 10 wood, builds quite fast but not very strong), stone (needs 10 stone, builds at normal speed and OK durability), metal/iron (needs 10 iron, builds slowly but super strong and very hard to break). Add caves to go in that have a chance of having iron inside that needs a pickaxe to mine. Add cavemen so there is danger inside the caves as well.

I'm sorry this is long but I had so many ideas :D