This is a very weird thing that is happening this same player keeps on multiplying himself

Daniel Montgomery 4 months ago 0

I've experienced very terrifying experiences with this one player named zombie many players were on the server first time five hey this is a normal server then once I saw so many people name is on because I thought it was just some kind of new server I looked it up and it wasn't this player is rampaging or is it some kind of bug who knows please fix it I'm constantly being sent to this Server and it keeps on sending me to the same one over and over and over again I do not want to deal with this anymore please fix it I don't like how players can some send it suddenly sorry I was trying to say suddenly suddenly this guy became a Beastie cab on multiplying himself the server crashed and he kept on joining different servers and I was only teleported to his rescue was rampaging the best players on the server now that's insane right there he would Rampage he would team up against them with hundreds upon millions of troops all killing him he's killed me like a hundred times now please exit