Bug/Hack, Enemy can build on ally wall

DOVA 2 years ago updated by Parker Smith 2 years ago 1

Yes, Hello, I've been playing your game for a couple of days now but today the screen started to bounce back in forth.

I don't know if you changed something but it wasn't doing that before and it is really annoying, so I'm just going to stop playing, but I do have a few comments.

2ndly, it also bothers me when my units won't pick stuff up off the ground.

3. choosing "you can't be poisoned by mushrooms" doesn't work, I still get poisoned half the time, so that option is useless.

4. choosing "cutting grass gives you food" doesn't give you any more food that it did before I selected it.

So again useless.

5. it would be nice if you could change what any individual character is.

A wood cutter and hunters are great in the beginning but once you get bigger they are useless.

I'd rather replace them with knights rather than hope they will just get killed off.

6. along those same lines, it is a little hard sometimes telling one character from another.

since I can't change what one character is, I don't want to give my wood cutter or hunter armor, so they will die easier,

but hard to tell which is which.

7. in the castle mode, I got stuck to the wall or rather my characters did.

they just kept bashing at the wall and wouldn't stop.

I can't stay there all day cause I might get kill, but they just wouldn't stop, so I had to start over.

8. sometimes the NPC will just chase me around the board.

I just logged in, got a couple upgrades, then they spawned right in front of me, so I ran and ran and they just kept following me all around the board.

it is bad enough when players do it but when the NPC's do it, well again, you just have to restart.

9. seriously, about 9 guys attacked me and I killed them all.

I only had two guys left, so needed the booty to rebuild but not one coin on any of them.


10. I logged into castle mode earlier today and there were new players,

I mean there were lots of players, just the leaders, bouncing and bouncing, creating so much lag you couldn't do anything.

Maybe you didn't think some many players would want to play your game but you should limit the amount of players that can play and if more comes in then make a separate board so there isn't so much lag.

11. the chat function is week.

12. it would be nice, after I kill people and light a fire if my characters would heal before they grab all the booty.

I have a big battle and there is a lot of booty around but my characters need to heal, so I light a fire.

but it takes them so long to gather everything up, by the time they are done, somebody else comes along and polishes them off.

Other than that I like your game,

it is a good start, I would like to play it once it is done.