muffinmilk 2 years ago updated by buffalo bill 2 years ago 1

People keep opening up multiple tabs of the game and having massive amounts of archers/harvesters just sitting there which causes server lag and is OP and kinda makes the game not fun, especially when they just spam starter tribes until they have like 20 then just wreck everything.  And it takes away incentive for teamwork which is part of what makes the game awesome.  I may have started this trend when my team wasn't helping me once.  But it shouldn't be allowed.  If you can find a way to make it so only one tab of the game can be open for any one player, that would be nice.  Another thing someone did was to just keep a bunch of starter tribes in a box of walls at the top corner of the map, so that team wouldn't get new players and thus would be effectively outnumbered.  And unkillable castles with tons and tons of archers in them all with tons of wood to repair from trebuchets, it just ruins the balance of the game.  Its much more fun when you just do what you can with one tribe, and work with your team.

I saw the same thing. They had at lease 4 tribes in the top left side of the map behind 2 lengths of wall. It was a blue tribe, and they use Cinderella names like "bashful", "doc", "sleepy". After they all came together to destroy my castle, I respawned to go investigate. I was able to attack the wall without them attacking me. So I kept attacking the wall until they were out of wood to repair it. Once the wall was destroyed they all came out at once and went in different directions and dominated the map. It looked to me like it was a bot because it definitely wasn't controlled by a regular person because all the tribes moved at the same exact time.