IG SULTAN 7 months ago updated by Matej 6 months ago 1

1. add , fast and have 4 health but gives 2 meat 

2. water should have use , like watering trees and getting water should a bit harder,drawing each bucket will take up-to 5 seconds

3. each wall should have manual repair , as my builders keep wasting wood on some ruins of castle, is we come near ,a small hammer icon should pop up if it a building requires repair and by clicking it we can repair it

4, there should be a option your teammates can build within your castle or not

5. enemy arrows shold not pass trough walls and also if our archer is on tower , enemy archer can not deal double damge

Dude.I mean no offense but I'm pretty sure nobody would even play this game if it took like 5ish seconds to draw every bucket lol