I have an idea:Why not make siege ladders to scale enemy walls?And battering rams to ram into gatehouses,and moats as defenses for the castle.Also a population once you have ur own castle which gives you resources on a regular basis,since they are nomads.

Matej 3 years ago updated by fuzzy_logic 2 years ago 3

Ok,they're only KIND OF nomads,but u get the point,right?Also hired help as mercenaries would be nice.Would make for a nice bit of variety in the game.Also shovels to dig those moats.


I just had another brainstorming idea:What if we could eat the birds that come out of the trees that we cut down?Y'kno,just shoot'em down.Would make for a great alternative source of food too.Also:WOLVES that randomly spawn in packs and attack tribes outside of castle walls.

(pls post other ideas outside the question)

Wolves were a great idea! They would perhaps be like barbarians, just not on the same team as barbarians and a hole different attack style.

Would the population thing be sorta like villagers in Minecraft?