wood, Iron and stone (tools) !

marviiiiiiiiiiii 2 years ago 0

Hey i have an new idea: you can give your minions wood, stone, and iron tool! stone can you get from stones XD you will always get at least 1 stone if your destroy a part of the stone (not like coins) and iron you can find in boxes (always 2 iron)

stone is faster than wood, and iron is faster then stone. here is a list of it:

-Axt: wood:8 hits stone 7 hits iron:5 hits

-Sword: wood: 2 damage but normal atack speed. stone: 2 damage and x0,25 faster atack speed. Iron: 2 damage and x0,50   faster atack speed.

-Dagger: wood: every 2 enemys, 1 coin. stone: 1 coin. iron: 2 coins.

-Hammer: wood:5-9 hits. stone: 5-7 hits. iron: 4-6 hits.

-Scyte: wood: 2 hits and 2 soconds delay between the next gras cut. stone: 1 hit and 1,5 second delay. iron 1 hit and 0,75   second delay.

-Bow: i know, a bow can only be out of wood and because of that you can only upgrade the bow and visual it stays a wood   Bow. wood: normal. stone: atackspeed decreased to 2,75 seconds. iron: atack speed decreased to 2,50 seconds and chok   arrows can now make 2 damage through the first shield!

Remember that this is only a suggestion and that all can be changed!