an option to change language as Spanish

Cedalero22 2 years ago updated by Oiskadi 2 years ago 1

because the majority of players in this game in addition to the American states are those of ispana speech.

and do not think that I know English, because I screened all this for the google translator, but I would be grateful if you could put it into Spanish and not only wanderers and wilds, and not only would I thank you for many ispana speaking games.

   I also know what it takes to do all that work but I am very confident that these games can be better than they already are.

I do not know if it is a group or a single person who developed and created the games but I want to tell you / tell you that it is great for them and that they continue like this.

post_dat: if they do not understand something ... the translator's fault for not translating well

Hola, this forum is more or less inactive. The developer is concentrating on wilds.io at the moment, as far as his twitter account tells me. There are far more urgent problems with this game, that have been addressed multiple times and I guess such a translation won't happen, if you don't address them directly to the creator of the game and provide a translation yourself. Feel free to try, I guess twitter is the best option, though last tweet was from October: https://twitter.com/rezoner