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Stone that is not minable.

Wordify 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 13

Through out the map, there are various spots where the stones and rocks are not minable. Here is an example of one 

I have a miner one the bottom and refuses to mine these rocks.

I think these rocks just haven't grown yet to be mineable.

Under review

Do you have "missionary" invented?


No Rez, it's an actual bug. It occured to me few times already, and I had no missionary. I also had hammer for sure.

These unmineable rocks also had no tooltip, and after rain cloud passed nearby, few, mineable, rocks has grown up near these unmineable, but the unmineable ones still were unmineable.

I do believe it occurs when rocks that have been mined fail to disappear and appear there but actually aren't.

bump because it is a real bug.

I thought this is already fixed. I didn’t saw it in last gameplays.


Oui c'est un vrai bug parfois je l'ai but je n'ai pas missionnaire

Translation: "Yes, it is a bug, sometimes I have it but I don't have missionary".

This is roughly what gaspard-vérin mathilde said. I'm not fluent in French so don't blame me.

Also, in French, 'mais' is "but" in English.

Yes it's a real bug sometimes I have it but I don't have missionary

Raw complete translation by an actual french person :D