Emotes and PvP prioritization

achillesRising 5 years ago updated by MadPanCake (PanNiedzwiadek) 5 years ago 4

I'd like to have an emote wheel in order to communicate with allied tribes. Emotes would include "Attack", "Retreat", "I need food/gold/wood", "Thank You", etc. These emotes would hopefully help promote better cooperative strategy.

Additionally, I would like a PvP prioritization system to occur so that my Knights will engage a 1v1 before my Miners, Lumberjacks, Farmers, etc. It's annoying when my Knights are just standing there while my Miners and Lumberjacks are 1v1ing and taking damage. It would make more sense for the Knights to go first, as their role is to protect the others.

All in all, Wanderers is pretty fun. Maybe down the line there will be a more streamlined items/research system, with new additions like an AOE weapon, a healer, etc.

Also-Will there be Goblins? they would fit right in, maybe they would try to steal your gold and run away.


Right now there are no accounts or chats so I will guess he will add this when he does these.


I got yesterday the same idea with interactive wheel with simple messages. Also i already was written some time ago to Rez about this small annoying issue with knights. I hope this will be improved.


Yeah. And Rezoner just added chat! :D