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What's next - new mode

wanderersiogame 3 years ago updated by Xman0613 1 year ago 18

With the next update I want to introduce first mode with matchmaking.

It will be 2 vs 2 (or 3 vs 3) domination mode.

Whoever controls a meadow in the middle is getting score - when the score reaches 1000 the team wins. There will be a waterfall which doesn't have any gameplay effect - unless you come up with something reasonable :)


Fishing as new way for gain food and sometimes other resources. Something like sickle.
Or thirst effect: When your tribe don't have water, they are movig slover.


Yup, I like the idea of fishing. You could gain food, and sometimes a gold coin :D But we would need a fishing rod so it'll have sense. But the idea of thirst is nice. I think it should be implemented to game, also - we would need more water sources, maybe tiny lakes near, or in meadows? :)


i like the idea, 3v3 we can do a test battle if you tell me the hour and we can test it with the guys,


also if all units on the other team dies, you win? or its just for points?

Under review

It's just about points - you respawn with your usual Axe + Bow team.

The middle island will have no resources so you can't stand there forever unless some some of the players decide to bring you resources.


Yea, this will be an important addition to the success of the game.

You mention matchmaking... Will this matchmaking occur in game or on the menu, or in the new map?

I take it you mean kind of the type of queue thingy you have in wilds... Correct me if I'm mistaken

Yeah, the matchmaking will be ingame like Eclipse. They don't start until the amount of players needed are there.


The waterfall specifically in the middle could boost the stat of your minions if you pay.. let's say 10 of each resource. There could be buttons you choose between to choose which stat you want to have boosted. For example, if my team controls the middle the longest and I'm near the waterfall but my teammate isn't, I get to choose the stat but my teammate(s) has to choose for themsleves once they get to the waterfall. There should be 4 options: Attack, Speed, Increased Blocking, and Speed. If I chose, for example, attack, my minions near the waterfall get the stat boost. There should be a visible circle around the waterfall so I know how far I can go until I lose the effect. Of course, this should only affect me, not my enemies or allies. Hope this was a good idea and it gets used. Good luck with the coding!

How will controling work? Like, if a capture a place, and then leave will it still remain captured intel someone else captures it?

So...if you are at the waterfall meadow, you gain points/per second?

So...now there's castle mode...will this ever come back? If it does, will it have castles? 

I think yes and this would make that mode more competitive you've few time for build a castle around fountain for keep it under your control and the enemy has tot time for destroy your castle and take it. so need teamcollaboration finding wood for catapults and walls. etc

sorry for my english.


Sounds interesting, my questions:

  • Will it still have castle building? farming? or just Tribes?
  • What happens if you lose control of the center meadow, do your points go back to 0 or simply remain at the point value until your regain the center meadow again?
  • If a battle happens on the center meadow, or members of both teams are on the meadow, how is control determined?
  • Any boxes or barbarians?
  • Ogre appears to prevent one team from dominating too easily?
  • If you die, do you have to start all over or can you keep the skills/tech points that you have unlocked? (my vote is for the latter)

Ideas for waterfall:

  • Fountain of Youth: people close to the water slowly heal over time (without food) like 1 health / 30 secs for everyone on the tribe. Battles on center meadow will be longer, perhaps more time for strategy?
  • Fountain of Death: opposite of above, people close to the water slowly lose hp over time. Will make it easier for invading team to gain control of center, will force controlling teams to take turns guarding.
  • Ability to take water from waterfall to neighboring meadows to get resources without rain.

- In my opinion it would be better to add alot bugfixes, before adding new stuff like gamemodes
- Matchmaking? Will you be able to pick a tribe?, or will it be decided by the order of joining the server?
- The waterfall has alot potential, plz don't waist him on something like that.
- When talking about water: I'm hoping for lakes with the size of a maddow, 2-4 each map.
for fishing and to take water as an alternative for clouds as merc23 suggested above.
Additionally it would be awesome to be able to see how many fish are still in a lake. 
And just for the lol, rare goldfish that give gold instad of food. and to make the nice to have complete an posibility to spend 1 food to invest in fishfarming, like planting something.

I’m late to this but how about you make it so you can get water from the waterfall.