Interactive gates

Maldar 3 years ago updated by Xman0613 1 year ago 3

Give gates two modes:
- Closed.No one can come in.
- Opened.Owner and teammates can come in.
and two filters:
- Only owner can open/close gates
- Owner and his teammates can open/close gates


YES!! How the fuck isn't this a thing yet?! It's so goddamn fucking frustrating that literally every shit can come dashing through my gates for fuck knows what reason. Like really? What are the gates even for or this retarded description "Your minions can pass through."? Should be more like "Save your wood for something useful." Tsk.

Being able to close the gates would be amazing. So many griefers just waltz in, steal resources, and then dump them with their own castles or other teams.

guys guys... the gate only lets in you troops and you teams troops. What you are experiencing is a glitch with the walls