New Resource For Weapons- Rocks

Wordify 3 years ago updated by Xman0613 1 year ago 4

When I have been playing the game, I wondered why you would not get stones or rocks from mining. If all weapons need either gold or wood, why not make a combo of rocks and wood to make weapon. Right now, it is rather easy to get whatever weapon you want. You get it from leveling up or from the beginning, either ax or bow. So to make some weapons harder to get, why don't you make the miner an all wood crafting and every other weapon, beside bow and ax, a rock and wood combo. 

If you want to add on put it in the comment. If you dislike, tell why in the comments. 


Well, stone actually was resource in pre-beta build, even now you can loot it from other players but it gives you coins. Knowing Rezo we will have more resources in future, maybe even strategic map.

I just feel like it makes sense for the crafting of weapons.


Actually rocks was removed and now players drop gold coins instead.

yeah I always thought it was strange that rocks gave you gold coins.