Wanderers.io is broken. Builders are very overpowered, making walls purposeless. Ideas for fixing.

Lucas 3 years ago updated by Xman0613 1 year ago 2

I've had a great time playing wanderers.io and I can tell a lot of others have been charmed, however, it is critically flawed and don't expect people to continue coming back to play it unless it's been fixed. I've decided to give you feedback because I care about this game.


A newly spawned tribe circling around even a small base with just one hammer is enough to force the defender to fully diminish all wood stocks. Given enough cardio, the defending base will be destroyed. The problem is exponential when introducing one or more fully armored players, additional 'builders' and a larger base.    


It takes at least 1 wood for every repair on each segment of wall, and the defender is forced to repair them as per automatic repairing mechanics. The wood required to build the wall and then to repair it takes forever to harvest. This undermines what I understand the core of the game to be: resource collection and base building. As the assaulter, it feels cheap and unearned. As the defender, you are punished for laboring so long only to have things helplessly fall apart.


The towers are useless in stopping these assaults. Their range is too small and the attacking 'builders' will simply run out of range to hit another seciton of wall. Defenders can't chase them down, and attempting to do so leaves the base void of what little defense there were. If the defenders do somehow manage to catch the assaulting tribe(s), the assaulting party can simply rinse and repeat, at great cost to the defender.

Clearly castles must be able to fall, but I think players would be more satisfied if this was accomplished through skill and organization.  

I brainstormed and the following are various ideas to help fix the problem in no particular order:

-- Free repairs for small amounts of damage to walls  

-- Walls self repair if health not lowered past certain percentage  

-- Walls self repair slowly over time  

-- Delayed damage - Hammers can only deal damage after so many seconds of assaulting walls  

-- Assaulting walls considerably slows down movement of attacker (slower than full squad of 6)

-- Builder must be stationary in order to assault walls  

-- Builder must go through the 'harvest' / 'butcher' action before they can attack walls  

-- Siege equipment required for assault (must be manned to attack? siege towers?)  

-- Moats / outside traps, something to slow or damage the invaders to hinder them from approaching the ramparts (exclusive to walls?)

-- Increased range for towers (upgradable towers?) 

-- (Standard) ability to station archers in towers  

-- Option to toggle archers manning towers / staying on the ground

-- Limited amount of builders per tribe  

-- Builders can't assault walls if they have shields  

-- No shields on builders  

-- Defenders move faster in castles  

-- Defenders can set traps on castle walls so assaulting hammerers are all automatically hurt when they first attack, like harvesting a poison mushroom 

-- Upgradable walls (healing? extra health? only siege equipment can attack upgraded walls?)  

-- 'Campfire' for walls, heals walls in certain range.

-- Perks to the walls belonging to completed castles (higher points = more protection?)  

-- Make all hammer attacks slower, opposite to swordsman

-- Builders can't attack people, only buildings/walls (Make the builder perk free?)  

-- Builder class separate from destroyer class  

-- Can employ extra castle-bound tribesman (one archer per player? can assign castle/meadow/tower?)

-- Costs resources to attack walls (equal to the amount received from destroying? just the walls of completed castles?)

-- Hammers can attack gatehouses (and towers?) but not walls

-- Towers destroyed before walls

-- Only one builder at a time can attack a segment of wall, like fighting a barbarian


Other things I thought of:

-- 'Potion' upgrade that heals all tribesmen by 1 health (costs 10 food?)

-- Houses to respawn in after dying

-- Objective games: King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Monument Building, Timed castle building.


By adding bonuses to completed castles' defenses, hit and run tactics could still be viable, but only for incomplete castles. I would imagine this to be more difficult to script.


I figure a lot of the solution lies in introducing more involved siege mechanics. By adding things like siege towers and moats you will not only be addressing the builder issue but giving an incentive for people who have played the game to come back to enjoy new features and strategy.


I realize that this game is probably not a priority for you, but I see great potential here. Thank you for your time and have a good one :)    



There are some fantastic ideas here!  I definitely agree with the delayed damage + stationary; the delay should reset if player moves the totem a certain threshold.  Perhaps not giving a free builder on startup would have a slight balancing effect; also, making the builder much more expensive (maybe gold: player.getTribeSize() * 2)  would reduce early-game shenanigans.  Allowing any class to man a tower would also help- non-archers only do one point of damage instead of the potential three that an archer can do.

after looking at what you have presented I had to think about some of it and there at a few things on this list that I think are not good ideas. Those would be no shields on builders and limited amounts of builders in each tribe. I get you think the builders are op and I totally agree with you there but what I learned is that you can easily take down a group of builders with a few swordsmen and archers with shock arrows. One of the ideas here that I would love to see added to the game is upgradeable walls and towers. It would be so cool if you could add like cannons to a wall or something like that.