Wanderers changelog - last days

Egzekutor 5 years ago updated by MadPanCake (PanNiedzwiadek) 5 years ago 9

Hi, because not always players can got informations about last updates in changelogs, i'm gonna make one of them for inform you about new things.

Last updates changes:

- You can now drop resources for your allies (or not allies). For do it you must simple click on icon which represent each resource. (if you want drop wood just click wood icon on top)

- New class thief. This class is stealing gold everytime when he deal last hit to enemy troop.

Also they most the time is waiting for deal last hit. 

Another thief ability is targeting archers as main enemy during the fight

- Sword and dagger you can buy now paying with gold

- Now on the map you can found boxes which after collecting drop one unit of each type of resources and give you one skill point to the counter in top right corner. Also boxes is marked on the map as small yellow dots. 

- Now map have borders: you can't make anymore endless trips

- New skill for archer: Shock arrow

Archers with this skill deal two dmg to all troops without shields

Also old skill with shooting two arrows at once was deleted

- fighting system was changed. Now when you have fight, each troop is gonna have pvp with enemy troop. For example: Your 6 tribe members is fighting with enemy one tribe member. From your tribe only one member is gonna fight. Also archers also is attacking even if there is fight 6v1. This give more chances for survive to the new players because they can't die that fast, being overwhelmed by bigger tribes.

- And of course some bug fixes

I hope this will be helpful for you. If you still have some questions i'm always open, and i try help much as i can.

Regards, Egzekutor


soo it was on porpuse the pvp... that was stupid, try and fight 1 at the time when you have low resourses and you will find spending.all your stuff to regain health


Yes but honestly i don't like very much this change. This should be improved.

cant u just buy a new one

I also find that when you have a smaller tribe, they move faster than bigger tribes.

This was changed even before last changelog :p


In my opinion, Rezoner should add changelog.txt file


I agree, rezoner.net is not being updated anymore and I want to stay in touch with wanderers development.

At the day of 30.12.2017 we've got a Teamplay update (ps. It's not official update name, however, I think you should divide updates on packs of few like this one):

- Now you can choose nickname when you enter game. Your nickname will be visible above your totem

- Chat system. You use it with "ENTER" key. Messages appear above your totem.

- Hands of other players are now visible

- War bonnet presenting your rank compared to rest of players on the server (?)