Super Power

Mmmm. Thats Interesting. 5 years ago updated by PIZZA 5 years ago 7

The Power is real. (Two max squads and one lesser unit).

It's a shame though that you cannot provide resources for allies or buy equipment for allies... 


this topic doesnt help the game in anyway and its not even hard to beat you just need somebody to play with XD

I am merely showing my pleasure for this game. What I am addressing here is how you cannot provide resources for allies.

its a little bit unclear i taught you were trying just to shou ppl your record

btw i need to go to sleep its 01:50 in poland      I._.'I


Wrong! you can share resources to allies simply clicking icons on top which represent each resource. I'm gonna make post wqith update log, for explain new updates.


Thanks. I never knew that, since had never seen a detailed tutorial.