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Units behavior

Brai 5 years ago updated by Grant Mitchell 4 years ago 6

since thief unit was added the rest of units started to act weird.

The melee units just 1v1 barbarians( always the less health one) while the others run around like unarmed or thieves making me lose  wood and food  to give the unit the health back or for it to die, this is specially annoying on early game, this does not happend to bow units just any other weapon

Ps. I call this bug "browars bug"

Soo apearently was intentional... sigh


Under review

Battles were change to 1 vs 1 so a big player don't eat you within a second anymore.

It also give more sense to having archers.

Soo now for what i see instead of picking 1 of the 4 you could have  hey can attack all diferent units even archers at once, gettig attack by a high level tribe will just dry you in anyway forcing you you to fle and get wood and food to recuperate but still habe to fight some barbarians to get points to level up but now they too have advantage 


Not to mention always thw low health one fights first

That seems wired to me because, think about a 3 v 5 sword battle. There will be 3 1v1's going on, but then  what do the other 2 minions do? I feels kind of wired if they just stand there...