Leaderboard toggle between Top Tribes and Top Castles

merc23 4 years ago updated by Irunfold 4 years ago 4

Lots of topics on this I know and it's great we finally have a leaderboard to look at now, but I wish I would be able to at least toggle between viewing the top tribes (like in tribes mode) and the top castles in castle mode.

I feel like it's still a bit of a black box how the castle scoring system works now, but we're all familiar with things like experience points and kill count so it would be nice to compare how you stack with others.

You can figure out how blackboxes work by thinking :)
build a cycle  and then 100Points* Number of walls.
It doesn't depent on the space inside your walls!

what about towers, gates, wood storages, defensive catapults..?

Currently, it does not count.


you can test that :P  I think catapults and wood sorages will affect nothing, but gates and towers could.