Name our own castles

merc23 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

After everything we do to make the castle, we should be able to name it too. Probably based on who contributed most to it once the final wall gets put up to prevent trolls and newbies from stealing the naming rights while the builder is gathering resources.

I'm against that suggestion. As you already pointing out this will cause conflics.
It's already hard enought to get people build together.
I would rather suggest an pool of names depending on the kind of Tribe.
or someting like:  "adjectives" + "tribecolor" + noun or even more generated

It already seems to generate names from a pool already, but naming your castle will add a touch of personalization to the whole building process (like the cherry on the sundae). Plus if the primary builder is no longer playing then the secondary builder gets the naming rights.