Better Team Balancing

Grant Mitchell 3 years ago updated by fuzzy_logic 8 months ago 4

I don't know about you, but I have never really been in a game where I felt all the teams were close in power level. I'm pretty sure this is already in the game, but it only seems to account for players on each team, not the gear that they have. 

Most of the games do seem heavily one sided, but what can the game do aside from putting the new players on the weaker team? It doesn't know how the player will play or if he is any good.

I usually find it more interesting playing on the underdog team, but that's because I usually play a combat tribe anyways.

Part of the problem is that once you max everything out, the only 2 fun things to do are you hunt down people or build a castle, both of which make it hard to start out as a new player. Plus there's less resources because the massive tribes are using alot of it (building alot of fires and buying new guys, and gear, ext). It would be great to have some more late game stuff...like, maybe make it so that you can split of from your team to form your own team or something...


It would be really cool for late game if after you defeat enough tribes you can get a "wanted" status. Then other tribes, including same color team mates, can hunt you for a bounty. (lol basically I want a cops and robbers game mode haha)

Well, actually you can sort of control witch team you come in:

Using a game code:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • White

This will set you on a different team with only the people with the same code (I think it's case sensitive).

Without using a game code:

  • Red
  • Brown

These are probably the ones with the power since they're the ones with the most people.