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Gold and demolition walls.

Hoooh 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 6

Personal opinion but paying 15 gold to destroy a small piece of the wall is too much.

When i'm building walls and some other noob start to deviate/divert the construction of my walls i should pay 15 gold each time for "repair" that.

7 gold ? 5 ? 15 is too much.

I agree i think the price should be 7  gold

Under review

It's  also to prevent noobs from destroying your walls tho :|

Can't you just make it so that only you can destroy your walls?

i know there isn't a easy solution but isn't funny not being  able to build your castle because some noob comes and starts building from your walls.


What if it's cheaper for you to destroy your own walls, and more expensive to destroy other teammates'?

the problem is not how much it really costs but that the players build their walls starting from yours and changing direction.

how dare them ? xD