God powers/ priest class

Aragrel 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 0

     My idea is to add 3 perks:

One that give you priest class who recover your mana 1/s max mana would be 100. This perk also would unlock basic spells like heal which cost 25 mana and heal 2hp.

2 other perks would be 2 different paths: god of destruction perk that give you more advanced spells like meteor strike or attack speed boost.

God of creation which give you spells like mass heal or rain summon abilty. 

     The fountain at the middle would regen your mana faster. 

Summarizing: this idea would create gate to many more ideas like more god specialisations or wizard class. (keep in mind that all spells i presented are only examples and can be changed/improved/balanced)