Castle Mode: Button to disable miners from building other clan members' buildings

a5rm8p+dtkdu2ymk6hvo 3 years ago updated by merc23 3 years ago 1

In castle mode, if you have wood, miners will build/repair other clan members' buildings. However, if you're trying to conserve your wood (for example to build your own buildings), this can kind of be annoying. The only way to get around it is to build a wood storage and put your wood in it as soon as you get it. Still, this isn't a perfect solution, for example if you are trying to save up for a campfire.

This idea could actually be extended: maybe make a button that would disable miners from building/repairing at all? A simple button with three modes:

1) off - miners don't build/repair at all

2) on - miners build/repair only your own buildings

3) on+clan - miners build/repair all buildings including your clan's

I've been in this situation before, so I understand, but I don't think the point of Castle Mode is about playing alone it's about playing and building together. That's why building walls and towers is so resource intensive.