wyatt H. 3 years ago updated by Hoooh 3 years ago 9

Why is this under ideas?

lol, maybe they want to be trapped inside?

I also have spawned in enemy castles/mazes.

An easy fix (only for the castle mode) would be spawning on the map edges, but even there somebody could have build an castle. So it might be the best to add some kind of condition to check if an allied castle exists, where you could spawn safe..Maybe under the castle name.

I've seen people trap themselves inside a castle before too, by forgetting to put gates when they had the wood. lol!

this happened to me too xD.


wyatt H. can you not create useless topics ? it's ridicoulous.

It's not pointless. Theres a valide point of thinking about smart starting positions.

just die and restart, it's question of few seconds...